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1. Should I Talk to My Doctor About Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that can shatter a person from the inside out. Also called "brittle bone disease," osteoporosis is the result of calcium being leeched out of the bones over the course of years, resulting in a frail, brittle bone structure that fractures easily. This can lead to a number of injuries, but some of the most common are microfractures in the spine that result in a reduction in height and a stooped posture. Broken wrists and hips are further collateral damage of osteoporosis. These fractures aren't the result of hard knocks, but rather slight falls, bumps, and even ...

2. Which osteoporosis treatments are best for me?

What are the osteoporosis treatments that might best suit you? If you have this disease, then you know that osteoporosis can make your bones brittle and delicate, meaning that more than just adjusting to a treatment regimen, you'll will have to change the way you look at the most simple movements. With osteoporosis, there is no cure at this time, but there are ways to treat the symptoms of the disease, easing and slowing their effects on the bones.

The treatments for osteoporosis come in medical and lifestyle changes. Medical treatments include bisphosphonates, which are ...

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